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The Adoption Cover Up of Sri Lanka: pre order now!
The English book The Adoption Cover Up of Sri Lanka can now be ordered via a pre-order. Place your order here and you will soon receive information when the book is delivered. The book costs 16.50 euros excluding shipping. You pay online via a link that you receive when your order is final.

The book ‘The Adoption Cover Up of Sri Lanka’ describes the quest that Sanne van Rossen (adopted in 1985) together with co-author Maurice Ambaum makes to answer questions about abuses in adoptions from Sri Lanka. The result is a staggering book about the adoption practices in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands. Translated and Edited by Lynelle Long.

Sanne is only a few weeks old when she is adopted in 1985 by a Dutch family. The girl from Karanwella, Sri Lanka grows up with two older brothers and twins, also adopted from Sri Lanka. Sanne is not concerned with her origin and knows a carefree youth in the villages where the family lives. She ‘compensates’ her different skin color by trying not to stand out. She is one of the girls, and Dutch.

As time passes she starts having questions about her life. Who am I? Where do I come from? Who are my biological parents? Are they still alive? And why did they give me up for adoption? The urge to get answers to these questions grows when Sanne becomes a mother herself. With her own baby lying in her hands she wonders how a mother comes to the conclusion that giving up her child for adoption is the best thing to do? What happened in Sri Lanka in 1985 that made her mother decide to give her up for adoption?

As Sanne engages in the adoption relationship between her native country and the Netherlands, she encounters many uncertainties, silence and suspicions of illegal practices. She decides to travel to Sri Lanka. Here she sees the great grief in the eyes of the mothers of Sri Lanka, who want to know where their sons and daughters have ended up and if they are still alive. Back in the Netherlands, Sanne takes a courageous decision that will change her life.

Sanne van Rossen (1985) graduated from CIOS as a Health Manager and after the HAVO in 2010, she completed a physiotherapy course at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. She then worked for five years in private practice and the nursing home and then lives with her family for two years in Sweden. When she returned to the Netherlands, she found her dream job: to work in a holistic way as a physiotherapist.

Maurice Ambaum (1967) studied political science and communication science at Radboud University Nijmegen. From 1987 to 2000 he worked as a journalist. He then focused entirely on his marketing and communication agency. Ambaum BrandMakers specialises in developing formats, campaigns and building brands. Maurice Ambaum is author of several books.

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The English book costs € 16.50 excluding shipping costs.

The book is published by Brónsgreun Publishers – part of Ambaum BrandMakers – in the Netherlands.